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Basic Sciences & Humanities


The Department, which has been an integral part of the College ever since its inception in the year 2007, offering instruction in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English to students of the various core branches of engineering, is devoted to foster the understanding of basic scientific principles . The academic programs of this department are designed to meet the requirements of the fast growing technology.

The Department offers several educational programs for undergraduate students. The overriding objectives of these programs are:

  • To inform and motivate students to study the fundamental aspects of science and its applications
  • To teach Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for U.G. programmes
  • To enable the students to analyse and apply mathematical and scientific techniques in engineering technology
  • To encourage students to pursue careers in science and engineering


To become a globally recognized institution of higher education and research which would extend the frontiers of knowledge and contribute significantly in nation building.


  • To achieve high standards in teaching, learning and research for becoming a world renowned academic institution.

Basic Sciences & Humanities

Program Educational Objectives

P1. To produce graduates with strong foundation in basic sciences, scientific and engineering fundamentals which are required to formulate and solve chemical & allied engineering problems.

P2. To train the students with on-site comprehensive exposure combined with innovative experiments in the laboratory thus leading to excellence in finding solution to real life problems in chemical industries.

P3. To inculcate professionalism in students such that they perform their professional duties with responsibility and ethics and also to impart students with teamwork spirit and good communication skills leading to development of leadership qualities to tackle successfully any engineering tasks assigned.

P4. To develop awareness among students about need for a multi disciplinary approach in problem solving and to relate the evolution of technology relevant to the societal needs, so that the technology can be transferred for the benefit of society at large.

Basic Sciences & Humanities


  • B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering with an intake of 120.
  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering with an intake of 120.
  • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 60.
  • B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with an intake of 60.
  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering with an intake of 60.


Physics Lab  

Engineering physics laboratory is well equipped with all sophisticated, modern & advanced instruments for conducting lab experiments in various important areas of physics like optics, mechanics, electronics, electricity and magnetism. All the experiments have been planned in cycles so that the student can perform experiments independently. Engineering Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines whose applications form the basis of many technological advancements known to us.

Chemistry Lab  

Engineering Chemistry laboratory is fully equipped with all equipments, various instruments, glassware and chemicals for conducting experiments like Acid-Base Titrations, Redox Titrations, Complexometric Titrations, Colorometry, Determining the viscosity of oil, Preparation of Bio-diesel, Preparation of Plastic, Determining fertility of soil, Convertion of Chemical Energy into electrical energy

English Lab  

The significance of the language laboratory has been much felt in the domain of communication. We live in a multilingual and multi cultural world which is being shrunk to the size of a village by the advancement of science and is not merely for learning a single language , but can be used for teaching a number of languages efficiently.

Basic Sciences & Humanities



  • For I-B.Tech Circuit Branches (R15) Syllabus Click here to download
  • For I-B.Tech Non Circuit Branches (R15) Syllabus Click here to download

Basic Sciences & Humanities

Association and Activities

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Objectives of Technical Paper presentation:The objective of the paper presentation is to encourage new talent and innovations in young engineering students from electronic stream. The student's will be given the opportunity to present papers in national and international seminars, conferences and competitions.


Objectives of Mock Interviews:The objective of the Mock Interviews is to create the awareness of students to face the interviews when they attend any placements.

Group Discussion

Objectives of Group discussion:Group discussion plays a vital one in the life of the job seekers. It refers to the situation where a particular number of people meet face to face and through free oral interaction, originate, share and discuss ideas to arrive at a decision or solution to a problem. Group discussions are used for decision-making and problem solving.

Group discussions are introduced in student's activities to achieve the following:

  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge on given topic
  • Reasoning skills
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership qualities
  • Initiative
  • Clarity on concept
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Listening skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Patience

Guest Lectures

Objectives of Guest Lectures:The objective of the guest lectures is to learn much knowledge on a topic by listening the lectures from the guests.


Objectives of Debate:Debate can be used as a way to facilitate research and discussion of an issue in the curriculum. Whether it is used for the latter purpose or not, the recipients will benefit from developing public speaking skills, critical thinking skills, research skills and teamwork skills.

Objectives of Picture Puzzle:The objective of the picture puzzles is to improve the logical thinking of the students to complete a task within a short span of time.

Objective of Just a Minute game:To provide better listening, thinking and speaking training in a fun environment.

Objectives of Creating Inspirational Videos:The objective of the inspirational videos is to inspire the students to motivate.

Objectives of Tongue Twisters:The objective of the tongue twister is to improve the vocabulary of the students which are helpful to improve their communication skills.

Objectives of Quiz:The objective of the quiz is to improve the knowledge on current trends & also on technical skills. A quiz is also a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.

Basic Sciences & Humanities

Academic Calender

I/IVB.TECH (2015-16)
SI.NoDescriptionI Semester ScheduleII Semester Schedule
1 Date of commencement of class work 02-07-2015 14-12-2015
2 First Mid Examinations 01-09-2015 to 08-09-2015 15-02-2016 to 22-02- 2016
3 LastInstructionday 7-11-2015 09-04-2016
4 Second Mid Examinations 09-11-2015 to 17-11-2015 11-04-2016 to 16-04- 2016
5 PreparationMarks&Attendance 18-11-2015 to 20-11-2015 18-04-2016 to 20-04- 2016
6 Preparation of Holidays 18-11-2015 to 25-11-2015 18-04-2016 to 25-04- 2016
7 Commencement of University Examinations 26-11-2015 II B.Tech 26-04-2016 II B.Tech
8 University Practical Examinations 8-12-2015 to 11-12-2015 09-05-2016 to 12-05- 2016
DASARA VACATION:18-10-2015 TO 24-10-2015 PONGAL VACATION:10-01-2016 TO 16-01-2016 COMMENCEMENT OF IV YEAR CLASSWORK FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-2017:13-06-2016

Basic Sciences & Humanities

BSH Professional Societies

The college offers many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities. Student organizations are a very important part of the college experience. They encourage teamwork, leadership, improved organizational skills and creativity, while cultivating professional interests.

S No Date Name of the Event No. Benefited
1 13/09/14 Mini Project competition 53 Students
2 11/9/2014 Paper Presentation 46 Students
3 4/9/2014 Technical Quiz 48 Students
4 03/08/14 to 04/08/14 Workshop on "System design using ARM Cortex M0" 36 Students
5 2/5/2014 Interactive session on "Career Planning Program" 130 Students
6 2/4/2014 Tech Fire 96 Students
7 21/02/14 Guest lecture on "Low power concepts and dynamic power reduction" 138 Students
8 4/1/2013 Guest lecture on "NPTEL Awareness work shop" by Mr.Mohammad Hayaz from IIT, Madras 145 Students
9 6/12/2012 Guest lecture on "ARM Architecture" by Mr.Sadanand Gulwadi from R & D,ARM,Banglore 98 Students
10 06/10/12 to 08/10/12 "HUMANOID ROBOT" by Mr.Nikunj, Mr.Ranjith, Mr. Karthik, Mr.Anudeep from Jay robotix Pvt.Ltd 61 Students
11 22/12/11 to 23/12/11 "Two day work shop on ROBOTICS" by Mr.pradeep kumar Sharma from Robosapiens, India 138 Students
12 24/06/11 to 25/06/11 A Guest Lecture on "Soft computing and signal processing applications" by Dr. Ganapthi Panda (IIT Bhubaneswar) & Dr. Ritanjali Majhi (NIT Warangal) 120 Students

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Page Under Construction

  • Sri Dr.K.Kiran Kumar
  • Associate Professor
  • Department of CSE
  • Department Member
  • E-mail:
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Basic Sciences & Humanities

Department Library

Basic Sciences & Humanities department equipped with a library apart from the Central Library of the Institution.Department Library comprise of a substantial No. of Volumes, Magazines, Dailies and Reference Books for ready reference to its Staff and Students. As per University syllabus prescribed and reference textbooks are available in the department library. The department library is also in the possession of IEEE and IETE journals, material for the GATE, GRE, TOEFL, video Lectures on different subjects. In addition to the course books general books for personality development, general knowledge, handbooks, yearbooks, are also added to the collections. The department library also archives the final year project reports submitted by the students.


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Basic Sciences & Humanities


S.No Reg No Name of The Student Rank Percentage


S.No Reg No Name of The Student Rank Percentage
2 Y15CS1295 SADINENI NARMADA 2 92.33
3 Y15CS1293 RASAPUTRA AKHILA 3 91.33


S.No Reg No Name of The Student Rank Percentage
3 Y15EC1209 BATCHU ASHA 3 86


S.No Reg No Name of The Student Rank Percentage
1 Y15EE1224 SHAIK GOUSE BI 1 77.8
2 Y15EE1220 NANDIGAM DIVYA 2 74.6


S.No Reg No Name of The Student Rank Percentage
S.No Name of The Student Place of Participation Event Prize
1 L.Chirangeevi ANU Inter Collegiate weight lifting
Sports IIIrd Prize
2 Group of students KKR&KSR institute Technical

Basic Sciences & Humanities


SNO Name Of The Faculty Designation Qualification Profile
1. Dr.A.Radhakrishna Murthy Professor & HOD M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D View Profile
2. Dr. R Srinivasulu Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D View Profile
3. Dr.J. Sai Chandra Associate Professor M.Sc, Ph.D View Profile
4. Dr. N. Vijaya Associate Professor M.Sc, Ph.D View Profile
5. Dr. B. Lourdurani Associate Professor M.Sc, Ph.D View Profile
6. Dr. N. Marry Associate Professor M.Sc, Ph.D View Profile
7. Mr. K. Srinivasa Rao Assistant Professor B.Ed, M.A View Profile
8. Mr. Y. Ranganayakulu Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil. View Profile
9. Mr. B. S. K. Chaitanya Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil. View Profile
10. Mrs. D. Aruna Associate Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil View Profile
11. Mr. Sk. Devanandam Assistant Professor M.Sc. View Profile
12. Mrs. S. Krishnaveni Assistant Professor M.C.A., M.Tech View Profile
13. Mr. K.Nagaseshu Assistant Professor M.C.A., M.Tech. View Profile
14. Mrs. V.Sowjanya Assistant Professor M.Sc., B.Ed. View Profile
15. Mr. K. Srinivasa Rao Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil View Profile
16. Smt K.Janaki Devi Associate Professor M.A., M.Phil View Profile
17. Ms. M. Lakshmi Durga Assistant Professor B.Ed, M.A View Profile
18. Mrs. Ch. Srilakshmi Librarian M.Li.Sc. View Profile
19. Mr. E. Vinod Kumar Assistant Professor M.Sc., B.Ed View Profile
20. Mrs. K. Padmaja Librarian M.Li.Sc. View Profile

Basic Sciences & Humanities

Workshops / Guest Lectures


  • A Guest Lecturer on Nano particles in LCD devices conducted by BS&H Department at CIET on 07/03/2017 Invitation Click here


SNO Name Of The Guest Lecture Date Resource Person No. of Students Attended Target Audience (which year students)
1. SOFT SKILLS 1-10-2015 TO 31-10-2015 Smt.D.Aruna krishna 340 I Year
2. Youth Empowerment Programme 21-01-2016 To 22-01-2016 Sri.Yandamuri Veerendranadh Venkateswara Vignana mandir, Guntur. 200 I Year
3. CAREER IN ENGINEERING 5-3-16 Sri Deepak Madabhishi , CRM & Business Developer 75 I Year
4. M .TUTOR 31-10-2015 Sri D.Madhav,M.Tutor,Chennai 250 I Year


SNO Name Of The Guest Lecture Date Resource Person No. of Students Attended Target Audience (which year students)
1. Igniting Minds 17-09-14 Syed.Noor Mahmod shakir 270 I Year
2. Youth Empowerment Programme 23-01-2015 Sri.Yandamuri Veerendranadh Venkateswara Vignana mandir, Guntur. 200 I Year


SNO Name Of The Guest Lecture Date Resource Person No. of Students Attended Target Audience(which year students)
1. Swamy Vivekananda- The Architect of Modern India 06/09/2013 Sri Sadasivam, Co-convenor of Andhra Pradesh state Vivekanada 150th birthday celebrations committee 200 I Year
2. Career Guidance For Professional Students 22/11/2013 Dr.H.Kalyan Rao, Assistant Professor, in community medicine, NRI, Medical College, Mangalagiri 300 I Year
3. Entrepreneurship Orientation Program 30/11/2013 G.Sudarshan, Resource person of National Small Industries Corpn.HYD. 300 I Year
4. Youth Run 11-09-2013 5Km run in Guntur Organized by Vivekanada Utsava Samithi, Guntur 300 I Year
5. Youth empowerment programme 3-01-2014 TO 4-01-2014 Sri.Yandamuri Veerendranadh Venkateswara Vignana Mandir, Guntur 33 I Year


SNO Name Of The Guest Lecture Date Resource Person No. of Students Attended Target Audience(which year students)
1. E-plus club challenge 2013 4-3-13 siddhartha college,vijayawada 30 B.Tech
2. CAREER PLANNING & MOTIVATION 4/12/2012 Naga Prasad,Managing Director,Yuaraj Motivators(P)Ltd, Hyd 250 I Year
4. Complete Sanitation 17-04-2013 T.V Rangarao, Uday Singh Goutham, GMC Environmental engineers 250 I Year

Seminars in Basic Sciences & Humanities

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Basic Sciences & Humanities


News Letter

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Technical Magazine

  1. Zinc Triflate:A mild &efficient catalyst for deprotection of tetrahydropyranyl ethers(2013), Dr.R.Srinivasulu,Russian Journal of general chemistry,VOL.No.83,12
  2. Efficient one-pot synthesis of benzoxazole derivatives catalysed by zinc triflate(2014), Dr.R.Srinivasulu, Green chemistry letters and reviews, VOL.No.7,1
  3. Facile and efficient method for synthesis of benzimidazole derivatives catalysed by zinc triflate(2014),Dr.R.Srinivasulu,Green and sustainable chemistry,VOL.NO.4, 33-37
  4. Synthesis of benzothiazole derivatives catalysed by zinc triflate(2014), Dr.R.Srinivasulu, Journal of applied chemistry,VOL.2 No.1, 5-9
  5. Synthesis of 2-substituteed-1H-imidazo(2014),Dr.R.Srinivasulu,JSM Chemistry Journal,VOL.XX No.2,1009
  6. Magnetoresistance In Quasicrystals: A Group Theoretical Study(2014),B.S.K.Chaitanaya, International Journal Of Computing, VOL.XX NO.4,762

Basic Sciences & Humanities


  • Dr.A.Radhakrishna Murthy
  • Professor & HOD
  • Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities
  • Contact No:9440690737
  • Chalapathi Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • Chalapathi Nagar,Lam,Guntur
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • website Team

Basic Sciences & Humanities


Basic Sciences & Humanities