Minutes of Meeting

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 01-09-2018 Click here
  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 05-02-2018 Click here
  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 10-10-2017 Click here
  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 17-08-2017 Click here
  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 26-07-2017 Click here
  • Commitee Members

    S.No Name of the Member Designation
    1 Prof. N. Satyanarayana Co-ordinator
    2 Dr.I.Srinivasa Reddy (CE) Faculty Member
    3 Mr.K.Ravi Chandrudu(EEE) Faculty Member
    4 Dr.K.Kiran Kumar(CSE) Faculty Member
    5 Mr.M.Subramaneswara Rao (ECE) Faculty Member
    6 Dr. A.Radha Krishna Murthy (BS&H) Faculty Member
    7 J.RaviTeja(I B.Tech- CSE-A) Student Member
    8 T.V.N.Sreeja(I B.Tech- CSE-B) Student Member
    9 A.Bhargavi (II B.Tech- CSE-A) Student Member
    10 V.Ramya Sudha (II B.Tech- CSE-B) Student Member
    11 B.Srinidhya(III B.Tech- CSE-A) Student Member
    12 Y.L.Prasanna(III B.Tech- CSE-B) Student Member
    13 Y.Manasa (IV B.Tech-CSE-A) Student Member
    14 P.Sitha MahaLakshmi (IV B.Tech-CSE-B) Student Member
    15 B.Srikanth(I B.Tech- ECE-A) Student Member
    16 P.D..V.Prasad(I B.Tech- ECE-B) Student Member
    17 Ch.Ramyasri(II B.Tech- ECE-A) Student Member
    18 Y.Bhargavi(II B.Tech-ECE-B) Student Member
    19 D.Srikanth (III B.Tech-ECE-A) Student Member
    20 K.Kiran Babu(III B.Tech- ECE-B) Student Member
    21 G.Chaitanya(IV B.Tech- ECE-A) Student Member
    22 V.L Reshma(IV B.Tech- ECE-B) Student Member
    23 T.P.Lakshmi(I B.Tech-EEE) Student Member
    24 K.Avinash(II B.Tech-EEE) Student Member
    25 B.SaiSudhkar(III B.Tech-EEE) Student Member
    26 P.Bhargav(IV B.Tech-EEE) Student Member
    27 M.Naveen(I B.Tech-CE) Student Member
    28 P.Vishnu Reddy (II B.Tech-CE) Student Member
    29 G.Sujatha(III B.Tech-CE) Student Member
    30 Ch.Niharika(IV B.Tech-CE) Student Member
    31 J.Abhishek(I B.Tech-ME) Student Member
    32 G.V.Sivarao(II B.Tech-ME) Student Member
    33 A.Sai Naveen(III B.Tech-ME) Student Member
    34 K.Bhavani Sankar (IV B.Tech-ME) Student Member


  • The institute has an efficient mechanism for students to express their grievances freely.
  • To take up and address each grievance from all possible angles through meetings and site visits.
  • To conduct enquiries into all grievances in an impartial manner and ensure justice to the effected persons.
  • To ascertain the root cause of each grievance, recommend suitable action for resolving each grievance in the shortest time possible.
  • To recommend remedial measures for avoiding similar grievances in future.
  • To work in coordination with other redressel forums like sexual harassment committee, student welfare committee etc., arrange guest lectures, demonstrations etc. for increasing the awareness among all the stake holders