Minutes of Meeting

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 03-09-2018 Click here

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 25-08-2018 Click here

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 13-08-2018 Click here

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 27-07-2018 Click here

  • Functions

  • To promote the overall academic affairs of the institute
  • To provide direction with regard to methods of instruction, evaluation or research or improvement in academic standards
  • To consider matters of academic interest either on its own initiatives or at the insistence of the governing council and take proper action there on.
  • To approve the proposals/regulations recommended by the Board of Studies on academic regulations, framing of syllabus and evaluation methods.
  • To develop the regulations for student’s admission based on government policies.
  • To formulate guidelines for the conduct of examinations in conformity with bye-laws of the institute and the affiliating university
  • To maintain proper standards of the examination
  • To develop the guidelines for sports, extracurricular activities, maintenance and functioning of play grounds and hostels
  • To promote research within the institute and acquire reports on such research from time to time for further guidance and advice
  • To prescribe measures for departmental coordination
  • Ratifies and resolves the minutes of Board of Studies

  • To make recommendations to the governing council for the following:
  • Inception of new courses
  • Initiate measures for improvements of standards of teaching, Training and research
  • Institution of fellow ships, Travelling fellowships, scholarships, medals, prizes etc.
  • Establishment or discontinuation of courses / centers and formulate bylaws guiding the academic functioning of the institute admissions and examinations.
  • Commitee Members

    S.No Name of the Member Designation
    1 Dr. P. Pandarinath Co-ordinator
    2 Dr. I. Srinivas Reddy (Civil) Member
    3 Dr. K. Kiran Kumar (CSE) Member
    4 Sri. K. Ravi Chandrudu (EEE) Member
    5 Prof N. Satyanarayana (ME) Member
    6 Dr.M.SathyaSai Ram(ECE) Member
    7 Dr.A.Radhakrishna Murthy (BS&H) Member
    8 Smt Ch. Srilakshmi (Librarian) Member
    9 Mr.P.Gokul Krishna (Exam cell Incharge) Member