Minutes of Meeting

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 03-01-2018 Click here

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 12-07-2017 Click here


  • To be vigilant about the annual academic process
  • Regular analysis of course information and conduct evaluation through questionnaires and feedback in each semester
  • Regular staff (faculty & administrative) meetings are held along with managerial bodies to discuss on current issues, proposed programs etc, wherein optimum attendance is maintained
  • To advise the Chairman on all areas of academic matters and suggest improvements in academic programs
  • To suggest measures for improvement of library, workshop and training facilities
  • To organize seminars/short – term courses for academic development
  • Any other function entrusted by Governing body from time to time
  • Committee Members

    S.No Name of the Member Designation
    1 Dr.P.Pandarinath (Principal) Coordinator
    2 Mr.J.Bhargav(CSE) Member
    3 Mr.B.Ravi Kumar(CE) Member
    4 Mr.P.Manivakumar(ECE) Member
    5 Mr.M.Murali Krishna(EEE) Member
    6 Mr.K.Chaitanya (ME) Member
    7 Dr.N.Vijaya (BS&H) Member
    8 G.Bharath (IV B.Tech-CSE-A) Student Member
    9 T.Navya (IV B.Tech-ECE-B) Student Member
    10 B.Sasank (IV B.Tech-EEE) Student Member
    11 T.Akhil (IV B.Tech-ME) Student Member
    12 B.V. VenkatSai (IV B.Tech-CSE-B) Student Member
    13 CH.Niharika(IV B.Tech-CE) Student Member