Hostels for boys and girls are run by the college without compromising on the standards in providing right environment for the students to pursue their studies. The Hostel Mess is provided with Mineral water , water coolers and other necessary facilities. Special care is taken in preparation of food under hygienic conditions in the Hostel Mess.The Hostels have excellen t standard of living with round-the clock availability of basic facility. The hostel rooms are spacious, well ventilated and well organized.A senior warden with considerable experience takes care of the welfare and discipline of the students.

  • The workload of overseeing the canteen can be shared amongst a team.
  • It is a forum where different views and ideas from the organization can be considered without disrupting the day to day management of the canteen.
  • It separates the direction of the canteen from the management of the canteen, giving the organization more flexibility in how the canteen operates.