• B.Tech in Civil Engineering with an intake of 60.
  • Laboratories

    S.No Name of the Laboratory Year / Sem Faculty in-charge
    1 Transportation Engineering Lab IV/IV
    I Sem
    Miss V. Durga Bhavani
    2 Engineering Geology Lab II/IV
    I Sem
    Sri M.Abhinav
    3 Surveying Lab II/IV I Sem
    III/IV I Sem
    Mrs. M. Yamuna
    4 Strength of Materials Lab II/IV
    II Sem
    Miss. Sd. Shaheen Sultana
    5 Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machinery Lab II/IV
    II Sem
    Sri J. Rakesh
    6 BPD II/IV
    II Sem
    Ch. Nithin Kumar Reddy
    II Sem
    I Sem
    QE & PM IV/IV
    II Sem
    7 Concrete Technology Lab III/IV
    I Sem
    Sri Rama Gopal. L
    8 Geotechnical Engineering Lab III/IV
    II Sem
    Miss P.Sowjanya
    9 Environmental Engineering Lab III/IV
    II Sem
    Dr. B.Rajesh