Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning
A. Instruction delivery and Instructional methods:
  • The faculty uses the chalk and board to teach the curriculum in the classroom
  • The courses also are delivered using the LCD Projectors.
  • Demonstration with the working models, charts, components etc in the class room for better understanding.
  • Conducting the seminars, group discussions, quiz etc., in the class rooms.
  • Each faculty teaches the content beyond the syllabus on advanced topics of the subject.
  • Motivation to appear for qualifying examinations like GATE.
  • Encourages creative thinking gives the student’s freedom to explore.
  • The teaching sessions are incorporated with audio-visual materials, animations/graphics and pictorial material helps the student’s imagination thrive and grow. These methods will not only develop their ability to listen, but will also help them understand the concepts better.
  • Some lessons are best learnt, when the students are taught outside of the classroom. To achieve this, industrial visits are organized relevant to the subjects/topics. The students get refreshed, exciting and will learn and remember the things taught faster.
  • The students are encouraged to take a break for couple of hours and engage in some other activities that they are interested in. This will rejuvenate the students and they can return to the work with more passion and interest.
  • As everyone knows, the end result of collaborative efforts is always immense. The faculty members are encouraged in team work, so that they share their views on improving teaching methods.

  • B. Use of ICT:
  • NPTEL video lectures which are needed to the curriculum are made accessible in the library.
  • Open course ware, webinars from national and international organizations are presented to the students.
  • Air conditioned seminar halls with the precise ambience for conducting seminars, workshops and guest lectures for interactive learning

  • C. Skill Development Initiatives:
  • Guest lecturers, workshops, seminars by the eminent people from Industry, Academic and Research Institutions are arranged by the Department.
  • Symposiums are organized to share their innovative ideas with others.
  • For the development of entrepreneurial skills among the students to start their own enterprise, activities are conducted by the entrepreneur development cell of the college.
  • Literary and cultural committee organizes programs & competitions to improve all round personality of students.
  • Department organizes technical events through professional clubs like ISTE, IAENG etc. to explore the technical skill set.
  • In association with AP State Skill Development Corporation, Institute is organizing yearlong skill set improvement programs.

  • Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning
    S.No Faculty Name Name of the Subject Teaching Method
    1. Dr.K. Ravich andrudu Network Theory PPT
    2. Sri K. Murali Krishna Raju New Renewable Energy Sources PPT, Feedback
    3. Smt N. Vanajakshi PSOC PPT,Feedback, Seminars.
    4. Sri P. Ramesh Babu Linear Control Systems Tutorials, Feedback
    5. Sri K. Enochan Kumar Renewable Energy Sources PPT, GD’s, Feedback, Seminars.
    6. Sri K. Rajesh Kumar RES PPT, Feedback
    7. Sri K.SaidaRao DCM PPT, Softcopy of Notes, Seminars, Gradeup Tab APP
    8. Sri T.Venkatesh Computer Applications To Power Systems PPT, Seminars
    9. Miss P.Jyothi Network Theory PPT, Seminars