Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities of the Principal:

1. The Principal is the Chief Superintendent of University Examination.

2. To appoint Examination In-Charge (EI) in consultation with the Director.

3. To appoint Examination Committee Members in coordination with HODs and EI.

4. To appoint internal Flying Squad, Invigilators and other human resources for smooth conducting of examination in the College in coordination with EI.

5. To interact with University for exam related works.

6. To head Unfair Means Committee during examination.

7. To appoint internal and external examiners/moderators for paper assessment in coordination with HODs and EI.

Roles & Responsibilities of the HOD:

1. To appoint internal, external examiners and moderators for practical /oral /written examination.

2. To monitor University practical/orals and other examination.

3. Any other duties the Director / Principal may assign.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Examination In-charge (EI):

1. Responsible for the due custody of the records pertaining to his/her work.

2. Shall have administrative control over the members working under him/her.

3. Shall conduct the Examinations (college and university) and therefore make all other arrangements and be responsible for the due execution of all processes connected therewith.

4. Any other duty/responsibility assigned by the Principal / Director.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Faculty:

Every faculty member is expected to assist the Exam Committee for the smooth conduct of examinations, like providing assistance in invigilation, expediting evaluation work, tabulating results, etc.

Roles & Responsibilities of Internal Flying Squad:

1. Making surprise visits to examination halls to ensure smooth and fair conduction of examinations.

2. Reporting irregularities/ anomalies, if any, to the EI.

3. Any other assignments as given by EI/HOD/Principal/Director.