Minutes of Meeting

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  • Functions of Finance Committee

  • To protect the organization from legal challenges and liabilities
  • To protect the organization from actual or apparent conflict of interest
  • To act as an advisory panel to the financial operation
  • To evaluate both the financial operations and the people in charge of it meticulously
  • To be vigilant of illegal, unethical, or incompetent financial dealings engaged in by individuals or groups that the organization deals with, or financial arrangements that may harm the organization
  • Participating in the annual audit and carry out meticulous pre audit check
  • Ensuring that the financial elements of the organization are in accordance with its vision, mission, and strategic plan
  • Reporting to the board and/or Executive Committee about the financial condition of the organization, and/or any financial irregularities or inefficiencies regularly
  • Examine and scrutinize the annual budget of the Institute prepared by the principal and make suggestions, recommendations to the governing body
  • Committee Members

    S.No Name of the Member Designation
    1 Dr.P.Pandarinath (Principal) Coordinator
    2 Mr.DVinay Kumar(Director) Member
    3 Prof N. Satyanarayana (ME) Member
    4 Nominated by the University Member