Service Rules

The rules and policies regarding recruitment and promotion are as per AICTE. The AICTE pay scales are implemented periodically. Additional increments are given to staff members who excel in academics and research.


a) The qualification required for filling a post shall be such as may be determined by the Governing Body from time to time taking into consideration the norms prescribed by Government of Andhra Pradesh/University/AICTE.

b) The Governing Body shall have the power to decide whether a particular post will be filled by open advertisement or by an invitation of from amongst the members of the existing staff in conformity with University Rules and Regulations.

c) All teaching staff posts from Assistant Professor and above and any other post classified as teaching staff shall be filled up by open competition. The selection will be based on the recommendations of the Staff Selection Committee duly constituted as per the norms of the Affiliating University.

d) All other teaching staff posts such as Teaching Assistants and non-teaching posts, shall be based on the recommendations of the Staff Selection Committee duly constituted by Governing Body from time to time.

e) The Selection Committee interview the candidates invited for interview and make its recommendations to the Governing Body, the names of the selected candidates being arranged on order of merit. The Selection Committees may recommend more names than the number of posts for which applications are invited or may reject all the applicants. However, the appointment orders are issued in the order of merit.

f) No act or proceedings of any Selection Committee shall be questioned on the ground, merely, of any member of the Selection Committee.

g) The procedure adopted by the Selection Committee in selecting the candidates shall not be questioned as improper or irrelevant or unfair.

h) The Governing Body may in special circumstances appoint persons (Eg. Retired persons) on contract basis, year after year up to the age of 65 years, in case of teaching posts.

i) Any other instruction given, or rule prescribed, from time to time by Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh/Affiliating University/AICTE regarding selection procedure will automatically form part of the rules/procedure of selection.


The Chairman shall be the authority in approving all appoints based on the selection committee. All orders will be issued by Principal.


a) U.G.C Scales of pay, as applicable from time to time, shall be adopted to posts classified as teaching staff, but, subject to approval of the Governing Body.

b) The scales of pay as approved by the Governing Body shall be adopted for all posts not falling under the category of teaching staff.

c) Dearness and House Rent Allowances as per A.P. State Government rates shall be adopted, but subject to approval of Governing Body.

d) Unless otherwise stated in the appointment order, an employee on appointment shall be eligible to draw pay at the minimum of time scale of pay for the post. However, in case of appointment by promotion from a lower post, his pay in the lower post at the time of promotion shall be protected in the time scale of pay of the higher post.

e) All service in a post on time scale of pay shall count for eligibility for increment.

f) Leave granted shall be counted as service for the purpose of eligibility for increment. But leave granted on loss of pay, if it is for more than seven days, shall not be counted as service for the purpose of eligibility of increment. If leave on loss of pay is granted for more than seven days, the date of subsequent increment is postponed by as many days as he was on leave on loss of pay.

g) The Governing Body shall have the authority to withhold an increment for a certain period not exceeding one year as a disciplinary measure for sufficient and valid reasons and after the employee has been afforded a fair opportunity to defend. However, such withholding of an increment will not have cumulative effect. When an increment is withheld for a certain period, this period shall be exclusive of any interval spent on leave on loss of pay, if it is for more than seven days.


a) Every employee shall be governed by these rules and is liable for consequences in the event of any breach of rules by him/her.

b) Every employee, at all times, maintains integrity, be devoted to his duty and also be honest and impartial in his/her official dealings. An employee shall, at all times be courteous and polite in his/her dealings with the Management, with other members of staff, students and with members of the public. He shall exhibit/utmost loyalty and shall always, act in the interests of the college.

c) An employee shall be required to observe the scheduled hours of working during which he/she must be present at the place of his/her work. No employee shall be absent from duty without prior permission. Even during leave or vacation, no employee shall leave head-quarters except with the prior permission of proper authority. Whenever leaving station, an employee shall inform the Principal, in writing, through the respective HOD or the Principal directly if he happens to be a HOD, the address at which he/she would be available during the period of his/her absence from the head-quarters.

d) No employee shall make any statement, publish or write through any media which has the effect of an adverse criticism of any policy or action of the college or detrimental to the interests of the college.

e) An employee against whom an Insolvency Proceedings commenced in the court of Law shall forthwith report full facts thereof to the college.

f) An employee against whom Criminal Proceedings are initiated in a Court of Law shall immediately inform the competent authority of the college regarding the details thereof.

g) No employee shall, except with prior permission of the competent authority, have recourse to law or to the press for the vindication of any official act of the college which has been the subject matter of criticism or attack of defamatory character.

h) Whenever an employee wishes to put forth any claim or seeks redressal of any grievance he/she must forward his/her case in writing through proper channel to the competent authority and shall not forward any such advance copies of his/her application to any higher authorities unless the competent authority has rejected the claim or refused redressal of the grievance or has delayed the matter beyond a reasonable time.

i) An employee who commits any office or dereliction of duty or does an act detrimental to the interests of the college is subjected to an enquiry and punishment by the competent authority. However, any employee aggrieved with the decision of the competent authority may appeal against such punishment or decision within 15 days of the receipt of the orders of the decision to the Governing Body, thereon, is final and binding on the employee.

j) No employee shall engage in strike or incitements there to or similar activities such as absence from work or neglect of duties or participate in hunger strike etc. Violation of this rule will amount to misconduct and attracts deterrent punishment.