About the Department

Basic science and Humanities which has been an integral part of the college since its inception, offering instruction in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Fundamentals, Environmental Science and English communication and soft skills to the students of various core branches of Engineering. We have resolved our minds to make each and every student strong while learning fundamentals in every subject to sip the essence of knowledge as well as modern laboratories have been established and headed by the worthy faculty to draw a wonderful and remarkable future for the students. The department is dedicated to foster the understanding of basic scientific principles. The academic programs of this department are designed to meet the requirements of the fast growing technology.

The Department offers several educational programs for undergraduate students. The overriding objectives of these programs are:

  • 1. To motivate the students to be familiar with the fundamental aspects of science and its applications.
  • 2. To impart the knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for I year engineering students.
  • 3. To make the students globally competent in terms of communication skills and leadership qualities.


To emerge as an Institute of Excellence for Engineering and Technology and provide world-class education and research opportunities to the students catering the needs of society.


Establishing a state-of-the-art Engineering Institute with continuously improving infrastructure and produce students with innovative skills and global outlook.