Minutes of Meeting

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 26-12-2017 Click here

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 17-11-2017 Click here

  • Proceedings of the Meeting held on 11-11-2017 Click here

  • Functions of Sports & Games Cell

  • To encourage the students TO participate very actively in organising and conducting various sports and games in the college.
  • To motivate the students TO actively participate in various sports and games competitions outside the college.
  • To develop the spirit of sportsmanship among students.
  • To make the students aware about the benefits of physical exercise TO maintain a good physical and mental health
  • To sort out any sports related issues.
  • To schedule events/planner for the academic year in consultation with the Student’s representative and management.
  • To inculcate the value of keeping good health and mind by participating in lectures / seminars related TO Sports & Games.
  • Committee Members

    S.No Name of the Member Designation
    1 Mr.B.Venkateswara Rao(ECE) Coordinator
    2 Mr.E.Vinod Kumar(PD) Member
    3 Mr.K.Saidarao (EEE) Member
    4 Mr. P.V.Siva (CSE) Member
    5 Mr.K.Naga Seshu (CSE) Member
    6 Mr.K.Rajesh (ECE) Member
    7 Mr L.Ram Gopal (CE) Member
    8 Mr.K Pradeep Kumar (ME) Member
    9 Mrs.S.Krishnaveni (BS&H) Member
    10 Mrs.K.Janaki Devi (BS&H) Member
    11 B.Venkata Reddy (IV B.Tech-CSE-A) Student Member
    12 S. Venkata Reddy (IV B.Tech-CSE-B) Student Member
    13 T.P.V.Siva Sankar(III B.Tech-ECE-B) Student Member
    14 S. Manikanta ( IV B.Tech-ECE-B) Student Member
    15 M.Srikanth (III B.Tech-CE) Student Member
    16 K.Mithrey ( III B.Tech-ME) Student Member
    17 K. Sai Prakash ( IV B.Tech-EEE) Student Member